• 3 Free Services Annually
  • Free Pickup and Drop
  • Discount Original Spares
  • Geared Cost- ₹ 1499
  • Non Geared Cost- ₹ 1299
  • Kids- ₹ 999

1 Time Service

  • Free Pickup and Drop
  • Discount Original Spares
  • Geared Cost- ₹ 450
  • Non Geared Cost- ₹ 350
  • Kids- ₹ 300


  • What is AMC ?
    AMC is an one year service plan provided by us in which we offer 3 services once every 4 months at your home convenience.
  • Why do i need the amc??
    Bicycles are Machines, awesome machines and they deserve proper care and attention after some KM’s or time. Regular servicing will help to keep your bicycle operate smoothly and reduce wear and tear of other components.This can save you money in the long run.
  • Will you provide pick up and drop facility AMC?
    Yes we will be providing pick up and drop services free of cost inside the gurgaon.
  • How can I subscribe for AMC ?
    You can go to and subscribe for the AMC or you can contact us and we will guide you with the process.
  • Will the spare parts be available free of cost under AMC ?
    No, the cost of spares is not covered under AMC. However , We do provide 10% off on accessories and spare parts with AMC .
  • What is the cost for AMC Service ?
    For cost related queries please visit
  • What is the cost of one time service of a bicycle ?
    For Geared Bicycle its $AMOUNT and for non-geared its $AMOUNT
  • Can i club my services with my second/other bicycle?
    No, This service is linked to a particular bicycle.
  • What if i don’t avail all 3 services in an year?
    Your remaining services will be carried forward if you avail the AMC next year.